Talking turkey

Last year I did an article on what the turkey is called in different languages – and why. This year we (specifically my splendid producer at The Week, Lauren Hansen, and I) made an audio version of it. So you get to hear me saying the words for ‘turkey’ in all those different languages. Give it a listen!

How the Thanksgiving turkey was named after the country Turkey


2 responses to “Talking turkey

  1. That was fascinating!

    btw, one small picky point re the Hebrew: the stress in “hodu” in “tarnegol hodu” is on the first syllable. and a bit of amusing trivia (at least it amuses me): there is also a word “hodu” with the stress on the second syllable – that’s the verb “to thank” in second person plural imperative, so it means: give thanks (with an implied y’all). which makes for some fun bilingual Thanksgiving punniness 🙂

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