Coffice Spaces

This is an index of all my reviews of coffice spaces. What are coffice spaces? Co-office coffee spaces – that is, coffee shops that I sit and work in. I work in a different one every day, never the same one twice in a week, and nearly always one I haven’t been to before at least once a week. There are a lot of them in Toronto! Each review includes photos and an audio version (with real ambient sound from the place – don’t worry, I don’t record my voice on location).

AGO Espresso Bar

Art Square Café


Balzac’s, Market Street

Balzac’s (Ryerson)

Barrie Bean Counter

b Espresso Bar (Queen Street)

The Black Canary

Black Rock Coffee

Boxcar Social back patio (Yonge Street)

Boxcar Social (Harbourfront)

The Carafted Bean




The Good Neighbour (Bloor Street)

JJ Bean

Lit Espresso Bar


The Only Café


Piedmont Coffee Bar

The Porch Light

Red Eye Espresso

Sumach Espresso

Versus Coffee