You’ll have to come see the baristas for yourself.

This is a coffice space review. Listen to the audio version on Patreon.

Two things keep me coming back to Fahrenheit every week or so:

  1. The baristas. They’re really nice and friendly and pleasant and competent and is it OK to say they’re good looking too? Because also that, but all those other things as well.
  2. The coffee. I mean, this is a small indy place, and you can choose between three specific kinds of bean on any given day, so you expect it to be good and careful, but the point is that it is. Some places I go I look forward to sitting there mainly, and the coffee is, well, what you get. When I come to Fahrenheit I look forward to the coffee. Also the baristas.
  3. OK, I said two, but also, it’s close to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood, where I live. I can cut through St. Jimmy Park and go north a short block on Jarvy-warvy and right in the door.

Wit abounds.

Three things keep me from coming back more often:

  1. It’s not that big. It has rough wooden counters with Scandinavian-style kitchen stools and seats a total of seven people. So I may not get a seat, and if I do, it’s on a stool. If I’m coming here I always have to have another place to go if I can’t sit here or don’t want to stay too long. Fortunately, around here, there are several within three blocks.
  2. The view could be sexier. It’s just the end of Lombard Street as it T-bones Jarvis. Condos, a Holiday Inn Express, a Salvation Army. If you adore bricks you will be in ecstasy with this view. In one sweeping glance I can see dozens of shades of bricks in at least three completely different colours. If you like watching cars you’ll see enough of those too. But really my favourite thing to watch is people going by, and the people-watching from this window is just OK most of the time.
    1. Yes, I do work. Don’t you ever look up from your computer? Oh, leave it.
  3. Sometimes it’s a bit warmer than I like in here. Just sometimes. Today it’s hot out and fine in here.

A stool sample

Someone else mentioned that they find Fahrenheit noisy. I mean, yeah, people talk, and it’s not a big place so they talk near you, but that’s pretty normal in these joints. Better a lot of people talking than just one really salient conversation. There’s music and it’s nice sonic wallpaper. I rarely really notice it. It has a good beat and you could dance to it. Don’t, though. You’d bump into people and things. Possibly including me.

Very bricks! Such watch! So traffic! Wow

4 responses to “Fahrenheit

  1. Philippa Paterson

    Thank you. I am also a work-in-coffee-shop person, as is my writerly niece, so I am definitely putting her on your trail. And thank you for brandishing so many words I’ve never heard of, as well as ones I have, – I know all six of these: ‘Very bricks! Such watch! So traffic!’!!! Go man go. (May you never die.)

  2. This is in that fake Parisian condo block, right?

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