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Manic Coffee


This is definitely in Toronto

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I could be in any one of so many different parts of Toronto. The continuous passing of streetcars out front cuts the possibilities down some. But leaving that out, you could lift up this coffice space and drop it just about anywhere on the west side of the older part of Toronto – or many places on the east side, too – and it would make sense. (As it happens, it’s on the north side of College just east of Bathurst.) Continue reading



Where to go…

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On a cold and damp day last winter, having had to run an errand far west in Toronto and needing to end my afternoon at Exhibition Place, I found myself at King and Dufferin looking for an interim coffice space, preferably one that wasn’t a local metastasis of an international chain.

On the south side a block east of Dufferin, I saw a door that said “Louie.” Above it was a sign reading “This is a COFFEE SHOP.” Continue reading

Red Eye Espresso


The view from the office, complete with Bombon

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Get the Bombon.

It has condensed milk.

The Bombon at Red Eye Espresso is like a flat white, but it has condensed milk in it. Not a lot! It won’t kill you! But it makes a difference.

Oh, that’s not the only reason to come to this cute, arty little coffee place on McCaul south of OCAD. There’s also the fact that it’s cute and arty. When I say “cute” I don’t mean cloying or twee. It’s just the sort of place that fine arts students feel instantly comfortable in. (I know: I was one.) Continue reading

Lit Espresso Bar


Fiat lux. Et coffee.

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The east side of Roncesvalles is lit. Continue reading

Black Rock Coffee


Lots of black, anyway, not sure about rock

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Most coffice spaces have windows on the street where you can watch people go by from one thing to another. All coffice spaces have the little windows of people’s screens showing the infinite depth and infinite flatness of their work and online amusement. But some coffice spaces also have other windows. Black Rock Coffee has a window on people building up their lives through climbing. Continue reading

AGO Espresso Bar


A different set of people around here

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This coffice space is special. Continue reading

Barrie Bean Counter



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On an early fall early afternoon, I found myself in Barrie and at loose ends. I had come to town to give a presentation in the evening, and did not want to drive up during rush hour. The truth is that there is no non-horrid time or route to drive to Barrie, but the timing of my engagement ruled out a train or bus. I installed my car in a lot and surveyed the main drag of downtown, Dunlop Street. I soon spotted my kind of place slotted between other weather-worn storefronts: Barrie Bean Counter. Continue reading