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The Porch Light


A place in the sun. Or near the sunbeam, anyway.

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I first came to The Porch Light in mid-winter, quite by whim and serendipity. I was on King Street near Jarvis and had intended to go to a coffice space just a bit farther east on King, but the streetcar that showed up was a 502 bound for Kingston Road and I thought, What the heck. I took it to Victoria Park and then walked back west along Kingston Road until I found this coffice space a few blocks along. It was – and is – bright, sunny, generally calm and quiet. People come here to work on their computers and just sometimes to be social. Continue reading

JJ Bean


Look, it’s a street

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If, by some accident of fate, you find yourself near Yonge and St. Clair needing to get some work done, and you don’t want to go downhill to Boxcar Social, you don’t have to resign yourself to the local world-eating chain coffee joint. Just go a couple of doors west to the office building lobby facing the streetcar stop. Continue reading

The Carafted Bean


We’re at the corner of art and more art

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There are many places in Toronto to observe how badly Toronto drivers suck, but the corner view from the Carafted Bean at Dundas and McCaul truly reveals what an absolute art they make of sucking. In any half hour, you have sixty occasions to see appallingly stupid decisions made by drivers at a really quite simple intersection. And don’t blame the streetcars or buses – they’re the only kind of vehicle guaranteed to behave predictably and in full accordance with the law.

Let it not, therefore, be said that the Carafted Bean is without its entertainment. But the dickheads in shiny metal boxes aren’t the only good viewing. There are people walking past on the sidewalks, interesting people, artistic people even. After all, the Art Gallery of Ontario is directly kitty-corner and OCAD University’s big lofty pencil-box building is just south of it. Across McCaul is the Village Idiot Pub, probably not named after the drivers but there you are. Continue reading



This way to the brew bar!

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I am in a basement in the heart of money and fashion. Continue reading

The Black Canary Espresso Bar


Watch the world go by, one at a time.

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Do you have any idea what an interesting assortment of people pass by on Sherbourne just north of King every day? Come sit and work at Black Canary and you will. Continue reading

Boxcar Social back patio (Yonge Street)

Come this way…

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It’s cicada season. You know, the heat buzzer insect. It sounds like an old-fashioned oven timer when the air outside feels like an old-fashioned oven. On days like this, inside is not always where you want to be. Especially when inside has no air conditioning. Continue reading

The Good Neighbour (Bloor Street)

Everyone’s here to drink coffee and do work

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There are ten two-person wooden tables in The Good Neighbour on Bloor east of Christie and, as I sit here, eight of them are occupied, each by one person, each person facing towards the window (or, in the case of the four side-facing ones, away from the wall), and all but two of them have a MacBook open – and those two are looking at phones and pads. Almost everyone has an iPhone on their table too. The music is pleasant and nondistracting (unless you strongly dislike folk or mid-century schmalz). This is a coffice space. Continue reading