The Dock on Queen St.


Homey, if your home has a canoe hanging from the ceiling

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Nostalgic for the lakelands of cottage country? Wish you were sitting on the dock of the bay? Or perhaps you just want wood floors, wood tables, old-school wallpaper, comfy padded chairs, and a place that clearly has musical performances at the back some evenings and weekends? Obviously, you need to go to Queen East. There are plenty of coffice spaces in this stretch east of the tracks, and each one has its own variation. This one’s the cottage-style one. Its owners are from Sudbury. And you can sit in here and almost imagine you’re not in Toronto – just sit near the back and don’t look towards the window.


I told you not to look towards it! Well, there you go. It’s a streetcar. Don’t see those too often on docks, now, do you.

There’s only one window here, and it’s not wide, by the way, so if you like lots of daylight this might not be your place unless you can grab one of the overstuffed armchairs or couches up front near the fireplace. But it has so much else to offer.


I didn’t say it was a big fireplace.

It’s friendly, for one thing. Very neighbourhoody: people come in and know the people behind the counter, and they all chat in a friendly way – though they don’t come up and start talking to strangers, thank heavens. But if you want to overhear conversations about real estate deals and bad breakups and mental health and tempora and mores and things that people just sit around talking about with friends in a cottage-type setting, this is a good place. Also, if you’re hoping to find a wobbly table or a tilted one, you should be in luck.


You almost don’t notice the electronic equipment. Such as my computer, next to my coffee there.

And if you want to plug your computer in – not just to the AC, but to USB – you are severely in luck. There are so many plugs and USB sockets on the wall I seriously thought the place was named The Dock for its computer connectivity. Until I looked up and saw the canoe.


I was busy with my coffee. What can I say.

Of course, it’s an old Toronto building, and, as usual, the bathrooms are in the basement, down a long stairway and a long hallway.


Like a rec room, without the room.

But everything else is on the level. Just be aware that while it’s open late Thursday through Saturday – to make use of that stage at the back – it closes at 5 Monday through Wednesday, at which time you’ll have to step out, not into cottage country but into one of the more twee hipster chunks of Toronto, replete with places to drink and perhaps even eat. Life could be worse.


Sittin’ on the dock of the bay… watchin’ the streetcar roll away…

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