Daily Archives: July 16, 2018


Time to work.

Listen to me read this if you prefer.

It’s like 30 degrees Celsius (that’s 89 Fart-and-hide for you Americans) and it’s soaking humid and the cleansing torrents of thunderstorms seem to be bypassing Hogtown on the north (waves hi to all the drenched 905ers), so I’m sitting outside this arvo, perched at a wobbly boulevard table on the brick sea of the Distillery District. All the passing traffic is on foot or bike or Segway. The guy at the next table has his phone on a gimbal and is taking 360-degree video shots of his female companion as she reads a book.

Sitting outside to work on a hot day may seem like an odd thing to do when I could be inside where it’s air conditioned, but it’s not air conditioned inside this coffice space, so the main difference is that the air is moving faster out here. Also I’m hearing the quadrophonic chirps of urban birds rather than the occasional grinding of the coffee crusher and the quiet mellow music on the speakers. And I’m still in the shade. And once that rain I thought would miss us comes anyway, I can go inside and that quiet mellow music will keep me working. That plus caffeine Continue reading