Just watching the world go by (but I waited for there to be no cars because I hate having cars in the way of the buildings)

Today’s coffice space is in Rosedale. Have a listen to me reading this (with ambient sound from the location) on Patreon.

Do you draw your inspiration from watching people – mostly women of all ages – walk up and down Yonge Street in Rosedale? Yeah? Have I got the place for you.

Are you invigorated by overhearing conversations over coffee or light lunch at a Scandinavian-décor place on Yonge Street in Rosedale? Yup? Have I got the place for you.

Does your ideal coffice space smell like vegetable stock, cumin, garlic, roast chicken, allspice, apples, and other food things such as you might expect at a whitebread Scandinavian-décor cafeteria-service restaurant on a busy street in a well-off neighbourhood in a large city in eastern North America? Uh-huh, you say? Have. I. Got. Your. Place.

Isn’t it good, Norwegian wood

Is the one thing that’s always missing from the place you work hip-hop and R&B music, almost exclusively of the kind that is expressly forbidden in schools? Oh yeah, you nod? Place. Your. Got. Have. I.

And, as an added bonus, do you like a view of another very similar place across the street? In case you momentarily run out of people to watch parade by you on the sidewalk? Or perhaps a view, across a smaller intersecting side street, of a major chain coffee place that’s always too busy to sit down in and might have a name that means ‘astronomical money’? Yeah, you get that cherry on top.

I have spent many happy creative hours sitting on one of the six high stools at the counter at the Yonge-Street-facing window of Pantry at Yonge and Roxborough. I have even spent one afternoon seated at one of their three four-person booths. I have not ever sat at one of the three outdoor patio tables or ten patio counter seats facing Roxborough, but that’s just because I haven’t felt like it.

I have also navigated the steps down to, and back up from, their washrooms, which are nice but are in the basement, and frankly I wouldn’t go down those stairs if I were so much as tired and a bit drunk. Just so you know. If you don’t like stairs, you’re fine as long as you don’t need the washroom.

It’s not that Pantry is my ideal place to work. I do love watching the people go past. I do find their counter seats comfortable. I am sometimes entertained by the nearby conversations. But I am often distracted by the food smells (well, what did I expect, the place is called Pantry, not Closet). And I am sometimes distracted by the music, too. But it’s a good place to work. Their coffee really is really good. And it’s a short walk south of the Summerhill liquor store, my favourite place to stop for tastings, which you should also visit, as long as you’re in the neighbourhood. That’s how I found Pantry in the first place.

Even the birds stop through

2 responses to “Pantry

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve never seen the phrase “stop through” before…

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