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Just watching the world go by (but I waited for there to be no cars because I hate having cars in the way of the buildings)

Today’s coffice space is in Rosedale. Have a listen to me reading this (with ambient sound from the location) on Patreon.

Do you draw your inspiration from watching people – mostly women of all ages – walk up and down Yonge Street in Rosedale? Yeah? Have I got the place for you.

Are you invigorated by overhearing conversations over coffee or light lunch at a Scandinavian-décor place on Yonge Street in Rosedale? Yup? Have I got the place for you.

Does your ideal coffice space smell like vegetable stock, cumin, garlic, roast chicken, allspice, apples, and other food things such as you might expect at a whitebread Scandinavian-décor cafeteria-service restaurant on a busy street in a well-off neighbourhood in a large city in eastern North America? Uh-huh, you say? Have. I. Got. Your. Place. Continue reading