The weaponization of grammar

I’ve published another article on This one is about something that we all have to deal with and many of us participate in: the treatment of “bad grammar” as evidence of intellectual and moral deficiency. I read quite a few “grammar guide” books for this, and there’s a lot more I could have written… but I had to fit it in 1200 words. So it’s not too long to read!

Why all English speakers worry about slipping up


One response to “The weaponization of grammar

  1. Really? I do not worry about slipping up. My beef, so to speak is with the deplorable editorial programs used in WordPress. Who writes these? They have no knowledge of basic English words, usage, definition, verb tense, spelling or even what google knows! Give the writers a break! Please do not let this generation butcher the English language! That is all I have to contribute to this great post! Thank you!

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