The onesies

There’s been a lot of discussion about what to call the decade just ending.* But never mind that. What about the decade just about to start, the set of ten years with 1 as the third digit? The one that starts with the last year of the first decade of the third millennium and ends with the second-last year of the second decade of the third millennium? I wish to make a formal proposal: let’s call it the onesies.

Does that sound like something a baby would wear? Yup. Good. After you made your oh-ohs (or done your naughties), you can get in your onesies. Seems to suit the general trend of the world. The infancy of a new millennium… hopefully the best one yet.

I find that onesies is also another name for the game I know as jacks. That’s good: playing pickup while trying to catch the bouncing ball.

And if you’re saying “Why not the teens?” my answer is that the first three years (10, 11, 12) aren’t teens. The teens are a set of seven years – a septennium.

* No, I don’t mean the first decade of the 21st century, which ends a year from now; I mean the decade after the nineties, which overlaps 9 years with the first decade of the 20th century. Yes, we can do that (see “When does the new decade begin?“). I personally prefer the oh-ohs. But the naughties is also good. Some people like to use the spelling the noughties for distinction. I prefer the naughties precisely because of the pun! I don’t like the aughties not only because it’s not such a good pun (even if you spell it the oughties) but because aught originally, and still also, means “something” and came to mean “nothing” just by confusion (a naught –> an aught).

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