Annoying teenage noises

Annoying teenage noises

My latest article for looks at annoying noises that callow adolescents make. I give a detailed phonological analysis of each of them – and I reproduce all of them in a video.

A linguistic dissection of 7 annoying teenage sounds

6 responses to “Annoying teenage noises

  1. ashtarbalynestry

    My hobby: this. I spend a lot my time phonetically describing my friends’ particular verbal tics. (16, male, Mexico)

  2. I expect this to go viral. Great stuff!

  3. ashtarbalynestry

    Voiced labiovelar approximant, open-mid central vowel with mid tone, unreleased geminate voiceless alveolar plosive, glottal plosive, reduced open-mid front vowel with low tone, voiced labiodental fricative, long syllabic voiced alveolouvular approximant with low tone!

  4. Hilarious video. Sadly, I must report that these afflictions have spread to the younger set, as they are rampant in my fifth grade classroom. When I call them on the fact that such noises do, indeed, convey a message, they play dumb. I use that expression loosely.

  5. To be thorough, you need to include the accompanying body-language elements.

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