Time to learn about copulation

Some people really screw up their grammar. They do it by trying too hard and by misanalysing what’s going on – they’ve learned a few simple rules and don’t know the fuller facts of language, because no one told them about copulation… or resultatives or substantives.

Well, time to find out. Here’s my latest article for The Week:

What we talk about when we talk about (word) copulation


One response to “Time to learn about copulation

  1. Love how sassy/informative this is. Grammar (particularly in English) is not easy to master, but I always told my students (for a job I had in college) what a professor had told me: take a day away from a paper, and then read it, out loud, to yourself in your room. If, when you read it aloud, it’s difficult to flow through or feels too wordy, then it probably is. Thanks for all the clarifications!

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