Daily Archives: November 2, 2018

Chapter 1. Literally decimated

It was a bright fall Sunday with a crisp fresh taste of cool decadence in the air when the first head literally exploded. Spots of overnight frost marked the capybara-coloured leaves that lay on the pavement now misted with a bright aerosol of blood. Dogs rushed to inspect the fallen body and the stoplight-red pool that it was making. A screaming came across the parkette.

This is all very unpleasant, though. And Cathryn was nowhere near it at the time. Let’s move on. Continue reading


I’m writing another serialized work of fiction, as I have for the past two years in November. I make no promises as to how long it will take; you can’t count on the last chapter being timed to arrive on the last day of November. But I’m publishing each chapter on Patreon a day before it goes live on my blog, just to give a little plus to my paying subscribers – and an incentive for potential new subscribers.

Coming up tomorrow (and already available today on Patreon): Chapter 1 of Definition.