Are accented characters über-cool or passé?

My latest article for The Week is on accented characters, like ü and é. They’re not officially part of English spelling, but they just don’t go away. And in spite of some people’s uncoöperativeness, I don’t think they’re going to go away, either.

In the future, will the English language be full of accented characters?


2 responses to “Are accented characters über-cool or passé?

  1. I love them. And I get particular joy out of now being able to nearly hover over the right series of keys on my iPad in order to deploy them. Ker wow plunk. Gotcha. (And doesn’t that look much better.) But seriously. If I buy, let us say, a frock, I do not immediately take up the hem, or alter the sleeves. I like to appreciate why the designer did what he did. And accept the whole thing just as it is. And learn from it. Which is why, and moving on from accents a bit, but staying within the – I love your word pillage – pillaging of words from Abroad, I still prefer tableaux, bureaux etc.

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