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coccygeal, coccyx

Oh, look at that chick! The backs of her shirt and pants have parted ways a bit! See? Oh, see? See?


There’s a tattoo there! She has a coccygeal tattoo!

A what?


No, no, no, I mean what do you mean by coccygeal? Are you going cuckoo?

Ha! Thereby hangs a tail!

A tale? I have a bone to pick with you.

I’d say you’re picking a tailbone. Specifically a beak-shaped one.

A beak? But a beak pecks. That’s why in England they call your nose your pecker. Which I am aware means something else in North America. Here, though, you’re talking about a tail. No, not that kind of tail.

I’m talking about the coccyx.

The cock six? What? This is really going downhill.

No, no, no, coccyx. That means “tailbone”. It just sounds like “cock six.” It comes by way of Latin from Greek κόκκυξ kokkux “cuckoo”. Apparently your tailbone is shaped like a cuckoo’s beak.

At least cuckoos’ beaks are still useful. A tailbone is just there for jarring on things. And what was that other word you used to refer to the sigil she has intagliated on her vestigial entailment?

Not really intagliated, just inked. The word is coccygeal. The adjective relating to the coccyx.

“Cock sidgy all.” It occurs to me that it sounds a bit congealed, concealed, or occluded.

Well, not that one. I won’t say you can see the tip of her tailbone, but…

Yes, you can see her butt, a bit. Perhaps a bit to excess.

But don’t look now.

Did you just say “coccyx” again?

No, that was the sound of her boyfriend cracking his knuckles. I said don’t look… he might cold-cock you one and clean your clock…

Say, what is that tattoo?

It’s some kind of cyclic form… an ouroboros?

Ah, yes, the snake eating its tail. You know who dreamed of those and unlocked the molecular structure of the benzene ring?

Yeah… Kekulé.