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The sound of snawsmak

I have a series of word tastings that I’m doing exclusively for my Patreon subscribers – as little as $1 a month! And I am recording every one of my blog posts for my next-level subscribers – a whole $2 month! But as a little Christmas giftie (and an incentive to subscribe), I’ve made my reading of my latest subscribers-only post, on snawsmak, available to everyone. Click to hear it (and then you can subscribe while you’re there if you want):

Reading: snawsmak




Imagine you’re watching a new Guillermo del Toro movie. It’s set in Scotland. It’s winter. A winsome, quirky young woman with hair twisted in a long braid the colour of the last sunset of the year is out in a highland snowstorm for reasons I really don’t have the space to explain here. The glow of her humble hut is almost invisible behind her. The wind races around her like hungry wolves, and hungry wolves race around her like the wind. The landscape ahead of her curves into a hill-crotch that perfectly matches the shape of the front of her ragged but quirky and endearing dress. She stumbles towards its shelter. Continue reading