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Wah-wah in podcast

The Week has a section of podcasts – audio versions of some of its articles. We’ve made one of my most recent article, on wah-wah pedals and acoustic phonetics. Now you can hear me narrating it and listen to the examples mentioned all in one easy six-and-a-half-minute shot. It’s at theweek.com/article/index/254186/the-science-of-making-a-guitar-sound-like-a-human-voice or soundcloud.com/theweek/the-science-of-making-a-guitar.

What puts the “wah” in the wah-wah?

My latest article for TheWeek.com is really an introduction to acoustic phonetics. But it’s catchier to approach it from the Jimi Hendrix angle…

The science of making a guitar sound like a human voice