This is a word that dwells in the duct-work of leading, like conduct and viaduct, but the leading in this case is astray. When you hear this one say “duck,” you might want to – or say “Leave me alone, I’m a family man.” And yet it’s far too tempting, with its whisper and quick light moan of se and the nuzzling buzz of ive – with a plunging neckline at v – which speaks an echo of the commands give and live but on paper also shows the same end as connive. And, looking back, do you think of vice and victim? But this word has ameliorated in tone of late. Everybody wants it; you may hear an alto voice murmur it in reference to clothing or chocolate. It referred to leading (duc) apart (se) – perhaps to secede from the party to a secluded place – but now it almost seems mainstream.

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