Introducing the article index

At long last, and well overdue, I have made an index page for all the articles I have on this site that aren’t word tasting notes. It is not a beautiful, well-made index in the grand old indexing tradition; it is a listing by title (linked, of course), with the keyword tags for each one so you can get a clearer idea of what each article is about and so you can do a keyword search on the page.

It’s at (or click on ARTICLE INDEX in the header bar below the banner photo).

There are some topics of considerable interest for editing and linguistics that are covered in one or another of my word tasting notes. For those, aside from searching through the Word Tasting Note Index, you can always use the search box on the right side (SEARCH SESQUIOTICA). To avoid redundancy, I haven’t listed any word tasting notes in the article index.

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