Daily Archives: July 10, 2012


Please forgive this divagation
but I have a little question
prompted by a blog
’s poetical suggestion:
Are you pro or anti crastination?

You know, there’s so much nastiness,
such pain and stress and sorrow
and mental haze and fog
you can bequeath to tomorrow –
in Latin, that’s pro crastinus.

There is one thing you’ll likely say:
why is tomorrow so crass
(as we learn from the Latin)?
Well, if it’s a pain in the ass,
we’ll find a way not to do it today.

It’s like a crunchy mastication
of the kind of mental food
that functions but to fatten,
a potato-chip attitude,
this word procrastination.

Frankie said “Relax, don’t do it,”
but I say be the master
and get the bad things done:
rip off the sticking-plaster
and then you’ve gotten through it.

I think if you weigh the pros and cons
when all is done and said,
it’s best to end with fun
and – whoops, it’s time for bed.

Thanks to Blue Moon Huntress and her lyrical and thoughtful poem “Consequences of Procrastinating about the Batteries” for inspiring today’s silliness.