Please forgive this divagation
but I have a little question
prompted by a blog
’s poetical suggestion:
Are you pro or anti crastination?

You know, there’s so much nastiness,
such pain and stress and sorrow
and mental haze and fog
you can bequeath to tomorrow –
in Latin, that’s pro crastinus.

There is one thing you’ll likely say:
why is tomorrow so crass
(as we learn from the Latin)?
Well, if it’s a pain in the ass,
we’ll find a way not to do it today.

It’s like a crunchy mastication
of the kind of mental food
that functions but to fatten,
a potato-chip attitude,
this word procrastination.

Frankie said “Relax, don’t do it,”
but I say be the master
and get the bad things done:
rip off the sticking-plaster
and then you’ve gotten through it.

I think if you weigh the pros and cons
when all is done and said,
it’s best to end with fun
and – whoops, it’s time for bed.

Thanks to Blue Moon Huntress and her lyrical and thoughtful poem “Consequences of Procrastinating about the Batteries” for inspiring today’s silliness.

One response to “procrastination

  1. Nice one, I enjoyed this! Finally, a poem for the hundreds of hours in the limbo of putting things off. 🙂

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