more chiaroscuro

Eight years ago I did a little spate of night photography with my Bronica SQ, a very nice medium-format camera (a bit of a tank, though – not light to carry around). I would have included a couple of photos from those sessions with my post on chiaroscuro, but I thought I would have to find them and upload them, and I didn’t want to take the time to do that after midnight.

If it had been before midnight, perhaps I would have remembered that I already had them on flickr.

I add them here as an adjunct and just because I adore night photography. Click on either of them to go to the flickr version, where you can view it larger.

If you like black and white photography, I have a gradually growing set of such images on flickr.

5 responses to “more chiaroscuro

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  2. Hi James. I like your night (and other) photography but wonder if you’d consider providing captions for those of us out-of-towners unfamiliar with the settings.

    • If you hover your cursor over them, titles pop up:

      Convocation Hall, night
      Phone booth, Berczy Park, rain, night

      I’m ambivalent about tagging photos with location (unless they’re meant as travel documentary) – although it has its value and interest, it can be a distraction from just looking at what the eyes present you with. Better to find out the location and so on after having a first good look.

  3. Great pictures. Is that first one at the U of T campus?

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