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Chapter 16. Definition

Cathryn walked into the hospital ward. It was settled into the twitchy hush of a nighttime hospital, its doors an Advent calendar of snores, TV shows, and random screams. Lily was waiting in the common area and instantly magnetized to Cathryn’s arm. “I’m so glad you’re here! Everything is just… weird.”

Cathryn darted her eyes around. Oh, nope, weird is a safe word. “Where’s Henry?”

“He’s over getting to know Matt.” Lily started walking her down one of the halls.

“Getting… what? They’ve known each other for years.”

“Ms. Espy!” The night nurse called from behind and strode mightily after her. “I’m glad you made it. A lot has happened.”

Cathryn flinch-stopped and spun back around to look at her. Continue reading