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12 Gifts for Writers ebook

As promised, I have made an ebook (in PDF) of 12 Gifts for Writers. You can download it for free, pass it around to your friends, and – I hope – gain something from it. Just click on the link:

12 Gifts for Writers (PDF, 4.2 MB)



Does cutchyrun sound like someone who might cut and run? Perhaps it’s more like someone you would prefer to cut and run from. It’s not a cushy role to play, that’s for sure, and I don’t know whether it’s really something that’s catching.

A cutchyrun is one of the world’s Charlotte Bartletts (for those familiar with A Room with a View) – specifically in the sense that they always say “Don’t trouble yourself” or “Don’t stand on ceremony” when you know damn well that they will be quietly but tangibly disappointed if you don’t; they always say “It’s no problem at all” and they never complain but somehow you just know that it’s truly the most grievous problem, whatever it is you’re asking. Continue reading