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This year, I’m writing poetry for every word tasting in November. I’m calling it Povember. Today, a poem about the state I’m in: Florida for a week, and happiness at all the delicious words people have tweeted in response to a request.

Sesquipedalian Florida pulchritude:
Pamplemousse plethora betwixt the multitude;
Mulcting shenanigans, whimsical fortitude…

Pantoufle susurrus, absquatulation,
Limpid dirigible defenestration,
Moist copacetic galette inculcation;

Apotropaic persnickety bumbershoot,
Limp apoplectic crepuscular dragonfruit,
Gobsmacked, egregious, facetiously dissolute.

Antepenultimate sloth serendipity:
Quick cattywampus jejune iconicity…
Petrichor palimpsest, citrus apricity!


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