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I tell San Francisco how to say Pyeongchang

The local ABC news in the San Francisco Bay Area asked me if they could use my video on how to say the 2018 Olympic venue names in one of their news clips. I said yes, of course – I mean, if I don’t want people to see these videos, why do them? (Of course I know most people don’t really care about how to say non-English names accurately. I don’t mind; the videos are just for people who want to know.) You can see the clip here:

How do you pronounce Winter Olympics location ‘Pyeongchang?’

For unlawful carnal knowledge? Basically useless language lies.

My latest article for The Week takes aim at popular stories that this or that word (including some rather rude ones) comes from an acronym. It’s guaranteed to be a wet blanket for party-trick etymologies. I do so love snuffing out rubbish!

Don’t buy into nonsensical etymologies of the F-word

Or any other imagineered claims that common words were derived from winking acronyms