Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso. Father: Don José Ruiz y Blasco. Mother: María Picasso y López. His mother’s name, with its un-Spanish double s, “stranger, more resonant than ‘Ruiz.’” A Northern Italian name, the Pic the same Pic as in Picardy. A name to be famous like Picabia and Pissarro and Braque and Matisse.

Even when petite, Picasso was a precocious artistic picador of prodigious capacity. Became, in time, a byword like Einstein. But a magpie, an explosion of peculiar artistic pica, pick-and-mix, fricassee, picalilli of peinture; promiscuous stylistically like James Joyce, promiscuous sexually exactly not like James Joyce. And each depiction an epic of picking apart, a diffraction, a flattened tesseract. Breasts P bodies i buns c bellies a legs ss mouths o,

ricochet lips to back to tip, triangle vowels high front, low front, hollow back echo, voiceless voice voiceless voice voiceless voice

so pick as picture associated pieces case some Picasso, pose sacral cipollini ossified acid poetry, Paint Power Pleasure ictus its ink ischemia it create coin copulate kill kiss and after ass apple accident aggravate amnesia animal sing smile slap sex sculpt over open oblation so no oh: castle, catastrophe, picrorhiza, pickle, keep, packs, pisco, piso, piss, pass, paso, pia, icap, isso, cass, caso, ossiai, Ossian, saci, soca, ossip, capisce pax auspices copulase scepsis acolta episcopa is a cops aspic so

But still, all it’s there. Picassos: valuable but rare not. See you can another almost way the same. Scraps, skips, escapes? Coherent. Keep scoping and see. Peek: ah, so. Anyone can do pretty. Pick Picasso, and ex post facto after cerebral explosion sweep up conceptual scraps, concatenate, extrapolate, speculate. Look, anyone can look at it. Your kid could do that. It’s like capering on the flat capstone peak of a castle: precarious, perhaps, but not particularly impracticable. All you have to do is get there first.

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  1. For another dose of alliteration by izzy plus a pun by Lee Daniel Quinn (aka GrampsQ, deceased) on the related etymologies of impudent & pudendum, see:

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