Our changing language: When does wrong become right?

Iva Cheung has done up a nice, cogent, accurate summary of my presentation at the 2014 Editors’ Association of Canada conference. You can read it at www.ivacheung.com/2014/06/our-changing-language-when-does-wrong-become-right-james-harbeck-eac-conference-2014/.

The PowerPoint I used for the presentation can be downloaded from www.harbeck.ca/James/harbeck_wrong_right.pptx.

One response to “Our changing language: When does wrong become right?

  1. Daniel E. Trujillo Medina.

    Thank you for this, James. I have learned much and enjoyed greatly. Oh, was that not well written? My apologies. It sounded better in my native Spanish. I see your point about a word losing expressive power. In fact, it horrifies me to hear people use the words cool and awesome so lightly. They have lost much of their expressive power, and it is a great loss for English. On the other hand, the same situation might stimulate usage of other adjectives, which actually renders a good service to English. Another reason for the change. Language is a human reality, and as such it is subject to change and adaptation as time goes by, and as people morph into different expressive entities.

    Once again, thank you.

    Daniel E. Trujillo M. @VolcadoDePila ________________________________

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