professional [video]

I’ve made another word review video. This one is longer – 14 minutes – because I have a lot to say about the word. I promise future ones will generally be more like 5 minutes. Also, I decided to see how it would come across if I did it without a script. I’ll tell you this: it takes a lot more time! You’re watching take number 6. Because a professional needs to do what it takes to get it right.

2 responses to “professional [video]

  1. A very interesting philosophical talk. I know of too many weekend photographers who have “a camera” and will take photos for the ersatz exposure. Part of being a “professional photographer” is having a “professional client”, i.e. one who knows the difference between a good image and a less-than-good image, and will pay for it.

    It is what’s BEHIND the camera that counts.

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