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alas (word review video)

My latest word review video is about a word that may be more in use just around now than it usually is.

laryngitis (word review video)

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. When life hands you laryngitis, make a video.

don (word review video)

In this week’s word review, I look at a word you may hear more often in December than some other times of the year.

snook (word review video)

Now that I’m done my month-long work of fiction, it’s time to head back into the word tastings and word reviews. It’s been more than a month since my last video, and I certainly don’t mean to thumb my nose at my readers…

Hallowe’en (word review video)

Today I’m reviewing Hallowe’en. Not Halloween – just the version with the apostrophe.

bigly (word review video)

It’s time for another word review! Some people will say that I can’t do a word review of bigly because it’s not a word. I say they are bigly mistaken. Take five minutes and see for yourself.

whisper (word review video)

It’s time for another word review video. For this one, I used my clip-on stereo microphone because I had to. As I listen to the sound, I am wishing I had a better microphone; please accept my apologies for some of the extra noise. I tried a variety of things to abate it and this was about as good as I can do. My best suggestion is for you to turn the sound down a bit. Which you should anyway, given the subject… and the delivery.