Glühwein (pronunciation tip)

There’s so much to eat and drink at Christmas: fruitcake, eggnog, marzipan, panettone, turkey, cranberry sauce, did I mention eggnog? Most of it is easy to pronounce. But one holiday classic that can be uncertain for some people is glühwein. And the reason it’s troublesome is a bit of a window into phonology… So I made a video about it.

2 responses to “Glühwein (pronunciation tip)

  1. So is it weird to say “Bon voyage” (bone voy-ah-jzuh)?
    Willing to wear mask.

    • Not sure why to add the “uh” at the end (it’s silent in all but sung French), but as long as you’re talking to people who don’t pride themselves on their knowledge of French, you should be fine. (So I mean maybe not in Canada. 🙂 )

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