Daily Archives: August 8, 2018

b Espresso Bar (Queen Street)

The one part of b that didn’t have any people in it at the time

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I missed seeing b Espresso Bar for months because it’s just a half a block farther east than I normally go when I’m on Queen Street. It’s not the prettiest of blocks; the view out the windows is a parking lot across the street (also known as a future condo, because that’s what all parking lots in central Toronto are). Another block east and you’re at Moss Park. But a block west and you’re at Metropolitan United and two of the biggest and best camera stores in Toronto… plus a strip of pawn shops. Two blocks west of that is the Eaton Centre. This is not a neighbourhood “in transition”; this neighbourhood isa transition. It’s permanently between one thing and another, or maybe it’s just both and neither. Continue reading