Pronunciation tip: Ancient Greek philosophers

I’ve been wanting to do this pronunciation tip for a while, but I needed to wait until I could get my two friends to give the Classical and modern Greek pronunciations to go along with the English versions of the names. The time has come! (Advisory: The Greek pronunciations are for fun only. If you go around saying these names in those ways, no one will understand you and/or they’ll think you’re a pretentious weirdo.)

One response to “Pronunciation tip: Ancient Greek philosophers

  1. Looks to me like nobody’s speaking ancient Greek anyway, And popular modern Greek names used in the US have been reduced to food words like Gyros (γύρος) and Spanakopita (Σπανακόπιτα) rather than philosophers names that are unrecognizable to most these days.
    Might as well just convert ancient Greek philosophers names into paste-able emojis – the new lingua franca – the viral memes that are altering our DNA.
    Same for philosophical ideals like Democracy (Δημοκρατία) that have been reduced to hot dogs, Mom and apple pie, and AR-15s – the American flag emoji.
    Thales – an emoji of the ultimate substance
    Anaximander – an emoji of aperion
    Plato – an emoji of a shadow on a cave wall
    Aristotle – an emoji of the ideal

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