Pronunciation tip: Kilkenny

I first learned the name of this city in southeast Ireland from a limerick (ironically). Then I knew it as the name of an ale. Then, for some reason, I started hearing people say it as though it were a modified version of Kokanee, with the stress on the first syllable.

People. People. Here is how to say it, for heaven’s sake. Also how to drink it.

Oh, and for more Irish pronunciation tips, see Pronunciation tip: Sláinte, Céad míle fáilte and Pronunciation tip: more Irish.

One response to “Pronunciation tip: Kilkenny

  1. I waited so patiently for the burp at the end – but then I remembered, you’re not Australian! That was a very entertaining video. I have a request if I may please? Having lived in Scotland and Ireland, pronunciations have plagued/bugged/haunted me. In particular, one that has (almost) created a wee family rift: the Scottish name, Lachlan. In Scotland it’s pronounced lack-lan and in Australia it’s pronounced lock-lan. How, when or why did Aussie’s change this (my nephew’s name is Lachlan …)? Thank you.

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