Pronunciation tip: Sláinte, Céad míle fáilte

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us, and that has inspired me to do a quick pronunciation tip video for the two things in Irish you’re most likely to encounter on St. Paddy’s. You will see that I had fun making this video. How much fun? Well, why don’t you watch it – it’s not that long.

3 responses to “Pronunciation tip: Sláinte, Céad míle fáilte

  1. Frank Flanagan

    A game attempt to make Gaeilge accessible! But we can also speak it without liquid refreshment constantly to hand. Stereotypes die hard!

    Beannachtaí na féile duit!


    • I’ll be doing one or two more without liquid refreshment. I’ve done similar liquid toasts for Chinese (not known to be big drinkers) and for Finnish and Swedish, so given that at least in Canada St. Patrick’s Day is used as an excuse to go drinking, it seemed like a fun thing to do, but I did think afterwards that I might with reason be chided for feeding a stereotype. You may feel vindicated to know that my wife gave me a… look… when she saw that I had put back the pint in one go.

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