Pronunciation tip: pronunciation

Most of us, as kids, learned that it’s “pronunciation” and not “pronounciation.” But do you know why? And do you know why someone might think you’re saying one when you’re saying the other?

One response to “Pronunciation tip: pronunciation

  1. I’d like to know if there’s going to be a prize for the right answer to either or both of your questions.

    And I’d also like to know just what-in-the world you’re trying to describe in your video. Are these the correct answers? or are you just outgassing?

    Perhaps the difference between the pronunciation of “procunciation” and “pronounciation” is neither here nor there, neither correct nor incorrect, and unworthy of any prize.

    After all, in the beginning was THE word, and we’re still struggling to both hear and pronounce it properly. No prizes have been awarded yet.

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