Sounding Like the “Right Sort”

I was in Columbus for the annual ACES conference for the last few days. I gave a presentation on how we use vocabulary and grammar to filter audiences in and out – often in subtle ways. Here it is!

One response to “Sounding Like the “Right Sort”

  1. Hello Mr. Harbeck, I enjoyed your presentation! A couple decades ago I was a teacher, and I was somewhat snobbish about using correct words. Though actually I only cringe when I hear something really awful or blatantly incorrect. But with teenage grandchildren all around, I have learned to ignore most of it, and join in their slang. Even when verbs become nouns, and “cringe” is now known as a type of speech or a style of clothing. I think cringe evolved from grunge. I spend most of my time gently and privately correcting my husband’s incorrect use of words, so he won’t be embarrassed. He has learned the word “genre” from people discussing types of literature. He uses it to sort everything in the world into groups. And he mispronounces it “gendre” but still with the soft “g.” I just give up and go talk to the teens for a while. I ended up listening to your speech because I received a email that you were speaking to ACES. I vaguely remember belonging to a club of that name for education majors, but there was also a club called ACES, or American Coaster Enthusiasts. I love roller coasters! I remember wanting to join the club, but it cost $250 a year. Also, the club traveled around the world and rode roller coasters. I could not afford to join or travel, but I subscribed to their blog and emails. And I played Roller Coaster Tycoon on my computer (when my toddlers were napping). I was only slightly disappointed not to hear a lecture about roller coasters today. Your presentation was really fun. I took a few screen shots to share with some of my friends who will “get it.” Thanks for all your informative and entertaining email newsletters. I homeschool my granddaughter, and we often use one of your topics as a daily Language Arts lesson. She loves it.

    Linda Bologna, Retired teacher

    Imagine the fun I had in my profession with this last name! No, I did not name my children Chunk, Lotta, or Slice. Stephanie and Valerie both married and changed their last name. 😁

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