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Words that glitter and splash

I was to have been presenting on this at the ACES conference in Salt Lake City this year, but, for pandemic reasons, that was cancelled. So the nice people of ACES asked me if I would be interesting in contributing an article to their website on the topic, with a limit of 3000 words. I was happy to do so… and managed to keep it just under the limit! I’m presenting it here as well. This is a longer read than my usual, but on the other hand it’s much shorter than my master’s thesis. Continue reading

Bang! “Ow!”

My latest article for TheWeek.com is about the way different languages codify the sound of, say, knocking your shin against a piece of furniture… and your response to it. From language to language, it’s similar in some ways, but different in others:

Why pain is expressed differently in different languages


Critters that say their own names – or do they?

This week is a double-header on TheWeek.com for me. The second article of mine they’re running is about birds and animals that are named after their cries – and the important differences between those names and the actual noises:

If you think these animals say their own names, you are wrong