You know you want more!

Psst. Hey. Want something extra special?

Since 2008, I’ve posted more than 2,400 articles for free on Sesquiotica; more than a million visitors have come to read them, and more than 17,500 people have subscribed for free. They include word tasting notes, articles on grammar, serialized fiction, and my new series on coffee joints to sit and work in. I’ve also been making videos such as my pronunciation tips, which you can find here and on YouTube. But why stop at that?

This site costs me money – and time, lots and lots of time! So I’ve started doing even more… for a very small fee. (As we say in theatre, don’t clap, just throw money.)

For just $1 a month, I send you an extra word tasting note each week – and usually it will be an addition to my special series of “new old words,” words that you will know you always needed as soon as you see them. These are the posts that are password-protected. Want to see them? Subscribe and get the password!

For just $2 a month, you get all that plus you can listen to an audio version – made by me, in my very own library – of every single one of my new posts.

And for people who want to subscribe at higher levels, there are even more ridiculous perks!

Just go to to subscribe. It’s not only way cheaper than coffee or alcohol, it’s more enlightening too!

And thank you!

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