Pronunciation tip: N’Awlins, Worcestershire, and the “dropped R”

I filmed my latest pronunciation tip over several weeks, partly because it required some location shots that weren’t exactly walking distance and partly because reasons. It deals with something that comes up often with the names of certain places: If the “local” pronunciation “drops the R,” is that the true correct pronunciation? Also, what about when certain other letters of the name don’t get said?

(Just incidentally, this is also a little dig at certain dictionaries that give phonetic pronunciations as if they were phonological ones. I think every dictionary should have a trained phonologist on staff, or at least available freelance, as I am. 😀)

2 responses to “Pronunciation tip: N’Awlins, Worcestershire, and the “dropped R”

  1. What no comment on Norfolk?

  2. Chips Mackinolty

    Didn’t get around to this till now. What struck me was the Canadian pronunciation of “vermouth”. Stress in second syllable; and “ou” pronounced as “oo” in “moon”. In Australian English the stress is on the first syllable and the “ou” as a schwa. Nothing to worry about, of course, but interesting nevertheless.

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