A Hidden Gender?

Last fall I gave at talk for Editors Canada in Barrie, Ontario, on grammatical gender and pronouns. I forgot to add it to my blog then, so I’m adding it now! There are many people who have a lot of things to say about grammatical gender and natural gender and use of different pronouns for different people, and many of them are presenting “facts” that are no such thing. So I took the time to set forth the real facts.

4 responses to “A Hidden Gender?

  1. So whats the point with the genders stories? So now socially 60 genders will no be enough.. why not to get inspired and look for a hidden one inspired by grammar lol.. but it is a catchy video.. i liked it 🙂

  2. Sorry, didn’t have time for an almost hour video, but I am seeing more often that cross-gender people are asking to be called ‘they’.

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